I REALLY HATED MY KIA | Favorite South Florida Wedding Links:
Favorite South Florida Wedding Links:

I sold the KIA for a loss...

But if you want to come to South Florida and get married...

Let me help you plan your special wedding day on the beach in South Florida. 


Florida Weddings

Florida Beach Weddings


Think about a wedding performed at your choice of venue. I perform many beach wedding ceremonies in South Florida.

Let me perform your wedding ceremony for you...

I do beach weddings in all of South Florida and Palm Beach County.

I am also available for beach weddings in Martin and Broward county, upon request. Beach weddings in Florida in the winter are lots of fun.

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Goth Vampire

Would you believe - Christian Evangelism...?

South Florida Wedding Photography

I am happy to assist you in planning a venue for your wedding that will fit your budget and allow you to feel comfortable with the location.

I have a list of vendors that are dependable and perform quality services that I have come to depend upon in the years gone by.

South Florida Photographer


Jonah and the Whale

Let me perform your wedding ceremony for you...

I do beach weddings in all of South Florida and Palm Beach County.

I am also available for beach weddings in Martin and Broward county, upon request.


Wedding Photography West Palm Beach


Favorite Wedding Sites

Palm Beach Weddings

Chaplain Bob Walker loves to perform wedding ceremony's and is Christian Wedding clergy.

Beach Weddings in South Florida

The beach is an unusual place for a wedding as you usually have the elements to contend with. The roar of the sea and the occasional call of a seagull. The wind and the sun in your face can make for a romantic setting for your special day. I suggest that you can have a wedding for a few dozen close friends and family and not spend a fortune and still have a nice wedding.

South Florida Destination Weddings

Allow me to assist you in putting together your wedding in Palm Beach, Florida. For your dream wedding come true in the USA...

South Florida Wedding Venue's - Places to get married

There is a large selection of locations to have a wedding ceremony performed in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach county.

Funeral Clergy in West Palm Beach and South Florida

Chaplain Bob Walker B.Th. is also available for a funeral service at sea or your choice of location in south Florida. I can be available for the eulogy at your funeral home. I prefer Christian funerals, but I am honored to assist the families in closure with most any civil   (non-religious) funeral service. I will preside over a funeral memorial service anywhere in West Palm Beach and all of Palm Beach county.

Gothic Weddings in South Florida

Beach Weddings in South Florida


South Florida Beach Weddings 


Green Weddings in South Florida 


Silk Wedding Dresses 


Married on the Beach in South Florida 


Weddings performed in Ft Lauderdale 


Some married and wedding information to look at next time you are in the south florida area. if you want to do a formal or a beach wedding in then West Palm Beach area or so. 

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